Introduction to Santorini’s Greek breakfast

May 16, 2013

An event about Greek breakfast organised by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the municipality of Thera, took place in Messaria, introducing the greek breakfast quality served in the hotels of Santorini.  Vedema joined the event with its unique breakfast recipes!

Breakfast served in greek hotels is rich in pure and unique products of the greek soil as well as traditional delicacies. For centuries, the sun, the sea and the Mediterranean climate of Greece, allow the greek soil to provide us with goods rich in flavor and aroma.  The Santorini soil, so peculiar and unique gives products with distinctive taste.  Indigenous Santorini’s products combined with fresh fruit and vegetables from the wider Greek domain and various herbs that grow in our gardens, set up our local culinary palette.
Below are some mouthwatering breakfast ingredients served in greek breakfast:
Fresh bread, baked goods, bagels.
Fresh fruit and vegetables, juices and fruit salads
Cheese and fresh dairy products
Cold meat products
Olives and virgin olive oil
Local traditional jams
Fresh eggs
Local sweets
Greek coffee and hot beverages from local herbs

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