Santorini local cuisine, a culinary delight!

June 9, 2013

The Santorini soil,  so peculiar and unique due to its volcanic constituents,  gives products with distinctive taste, which form healthy and mouthwatering recipes you can find only in Santorini.
Lets try them!

: In Santorini, the food specialty is “Tomatokeftedes”, a sort of mint-scented fried tomato fritter, always from the sweet cherry tomatoes, shaped in balls.


Chloro goat cheese: It’s a cream cheese, produced by the oldest women of Santorini. It’s hard to find it in tavernas and restaurants; look for it in a free market, it’s worth a try!
“Married” Fava:  An authentic dish of the island is heated up fava combined with sizzled onions and fresh oil, garnished with capers.


Bradada: Fresh cod with tomato sauce that was imported to the island’s traditions by the Venetians, in the Middle Times. Delicious and special!
Delicacies with white eggplant: The white eggplant is much less bitter than regular eggplant. It also has less seeds and absorbs less oil when fried. You should try it in Melitzanosalata, a kind of traditional salad puree and eggplant rolls stuffed with cheese.


Melitinia Cookies:
 Melitinia are the local the treats of marriage, engagements and festivals. They are made of sweet cheese and yogurt and have a scent of mastic. You can find them in the traditional bakeries of the island.
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