Short guide to the beaches of Santorini, part 3

July 19, 2013

Loyal travellers, get equipped with all the essentials (umbrella, water, food),  it’s about time to explore the non-organised beaches of Santorini!
The list of these beaches is endless but let’s explore the highlights, offering tranquility beyond the crowds and crystal clear waters in amazing natural beauty of untouched landscapes.

White beach: This amazing beach lies next to the red beach and is reachable only by boat from Akrotiri.  The keen swimmers can find it in 20′ swim from the red beach. You should definitely carry your mask and flippers, this beach features a sea bottom of unique beauty, worth to explore! The white cliff on the beach is also imposing.

Limanakia / Pori: A sandy beach, about 10 kms southeast of Fira, featuring crystal clear, shallow waters. There are no road signs for this beach, you can find it by following the lower road to Oia.

Koloumbos: A well-known destination for nudists, lies 4 kms from Oia. The rocks behind the beach offers a nice shade in the afternoon. From here, you can swim to the Seal Caves on the right and explore the underwater Koloumbos volcano.

Mesa Pigadia: A small black-pebbled bay, featuring calm waters and a tavern. You can find it at the southern part of the road to Faros.

Kampia: Right next to Mesa Pigada, lies Kampia beach, featuring a large white rock and a diving board.  Here you can find sun loungers as well.

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