The different side of Santorini project on the spotlight

September 27, 2014

Santorini lovers, you probably read recently about Vedema’s and Petros Koublis photographic trip to the less explored side of Santorini. One week later, we are more than happy to experience a really positive feedback from people and top art websites that hugged this work of art, confirming the need for a totally different aspect of Santorini, beyond the cart postals.
Among the most important publications, stand out some really great:
On, the post about the “The Less Photographed Side of Santorini” has become the site’s most popular, counting more than 5.400 likes and shares and hundreds retweets.

This is Paper, one of the most popular design and art websites featuring extremely selective content.

谷德 / Gooood, one of the biggest and more inflential art and design website, based in Hong Kong.

Get Addicted To, a very popular photography site, based in Munich, Germany.

I Love Greece.Ru , a Russian website for Greek tourism.

Loyal Travellers, thank you for your love! More surprises are to come.

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