The most photogenic spots in Santorini

March 6, 2015

Experience collectors, embark on a photography expedition at the most photogenic spots in Santorini, arising your artistic spirit and inspiring for outstanding moments to share and remember.

Oia during sunset: It is one of the most famous sunset views worldwide. Every afternoon, the narrow passageways of the village get crowded with people gathering to watch it in the most popular spot, by the Kastro walls.
OIa sunset

Ancient Thira: Built on the highest mountain of the island, ‘Mesa Vouno’, overlooking the island and the Aegean Sea offer great spots for shots!


Akrotiri excavation area [town of Lost Atlantis]: Akrotiri is the oldest settlement in Santorini and one of oldest in Mediterranean. Located at the south-western part of the island, overlooking Santorini and Nea Kameni Volcano, offers panoramic view for shoots.

Akrotiri 600

Caldera bay& Kameni isles: Created by the eruption of the volcano around 1700BC, offers a stunning view of volcanic serenity. At the top of the volcano, enjoy the view to the villages and capture great photos. Nea Kameni and the neighbouring Palea Kameni are both uninhabited islands of volcanic origin located within caldera. They have been formed over the past two millennia by repeated eruptions of lava and ash, not a usual landscape, worth the shots!

view of ther caldera1

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