Vedema and Mystique featured on CNN Travel

September 13, 2013

Under the title “Which Greek island should you go to?”, Cnn Travel published an extended review of 9 Greek islands, introducing each with its marquee attraction that could fill every traveler’s expectations. It is only natural that Santorini is recommended as the top of the list destination featuring the best scenery.

The article refers to Santori as “a shutterbug’s dream: sheer rock faces striated in multitudinous shades, villages and towns clinging to the tops of cliffs, the caldera filled with clear deep turquoise water and home to the occasional cruise liner that against the soaring rock facades appears like a toy ship”. Of course, it couldn’t skip the island’s volcanic history, its unique architecture and the breathtaking sunset views from Oia.

For your stay, the travel editor Sanjay Surana, advises Vedema and Mystique Luxury Collection Hotels.  Vedema is highlighted for its traditional background and its authentic ambience in Megalochori Village, surrounded by village homes and the rolling vineyards.
If the vista of caldera is key, the editor suggests Mystique for its utmost view of Caldera, the secret wine cellar and the cave-style rooms, providing that classic Santorini experience.

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